Preparing to move checklist

If you are preparing to move house and don’t know where to start, our checklist will help you out:

Change of address checklist:

  • Friends and Family
  • Employer o School, Kindergartens and Daycare
  • Financial Institutions- bank, superannuation, accountant etc.
  • ATO
  • Doctor, dentist and specialists
  • Medicare
  • Vicroads
  • Insurance companies
  • Utilities- Gas, Electricity, Water provider o Electoral Commission
  • Centrelink
  • Veterinarian and Pet microchips
  • Memberships and loyalty programs
  • Subscriptions

8-6 weeks prior:

  • Select removalist suitable for your needs
  • Keep a list of incoming mail and notify change of address.
  • Begin collecting boxes- both large and small.
  • Begin to consume supplies of frozen/perishable and pantry foods
  • Advertise and sell any appliances or furniture that will not be moving with you.

6-4 weeks prior:

  • Start packing rarely used items. Label boxes with contents and intended location in your new home. Don’t forget garden sheds, attics and garages.
  • Notify providers and decide if you will be using the same company at your new address. Advise them of your moving date so final readings can be organised. Arrange new providers if required.
  • Make arrangements for pets and children on moving day if required.

2- 1 week prior:

  • Ensure ‘change of address checklist’ is completed.
  • Confirm removalist booking.
  • Packing should be nearly complete- write a final list of what needs to be packed.
  • Make an ‘essentials pack’- put a box or washing basket aside and pack anything you will require when you first arrive eg. Toilet paper.

The final countdown:

  • Confirm water, gas and electricity meters have been read.
  • Place owner manuals, extra keys, remotes and instructions together.
  • Defrost and clean fridge and freezer.

By Emma Jackson - 27-Sep-2021



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