Preparing to vacate a property



*  Mail redirection- please ensure that all mail is redirected to your new address.
*  Utilities- please advise all suppliers and cancel accordingly.
*  Appliance manuals- please leave them on the kitchen bench.
*  Keys- please ensure you return all keys to the property.
Preparing the property
* Walls- please clean off any marks on the walls.
*  Ceilings- please remove any cobwebs and mould in wet areas.
*  Light fittings- please wipe and dust.
* Ceiling fans- please wipe fan blades and the tops of fittings.
*  Skirting boards- please wipe with a damp cloth.
*  Doors and doorways- please wipe.
*  Windows- please clean inside and out including the sills and runners (vacuum).
*  Flyscreens- Please dust. Please remove flyscreens carefully, most modern aluminium windows allow for them to be removed from the inside only.
*  Security and screen doors- please wipe frames and brush wire clean.
*  Ovens- using a suitable cleaning product and following the directions- please clean all trays, racks, walls and door.
*  Stove tops- using a suitable cleaning product and following the directions- please clean stove top including the knobs and panels.
*  Range hood- please clean filters and frame.
*  Bathroom and toilet- using a suitable cleaning product please clean all surfaces including wall tiles. lease ensure all plugs are present.
*  Laundry- please clean all surfaces and make sure a plug is present.
*  Tiling and floors- please make sure grout and floors are clean.
*  Exhaust fans and vents- covers to be cleaned and any dust removed.
*  Air-conditioners- front vents and filters cleaned of any dirt and dust. Please follow instruction manual.
Don’t have time?
We suggest investing in an ‘end of lease clean’.
Please contact your property manager for a recommended supplier.

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Preparing to vacate a property