Presenting your home for sale


Whilst first impressions are lasting impressions, we work with you to ensure every impression a buyer has of your home is spectacular. Our team knows exactly what to look for and will guide you to ensure that both the inside and outside of your home give the best impressions every time. Below are some tips on how to present your home for both photography and inspections.


The less the better, simple minimalistic styling makes space appear as large as possible and lets buyers visualise the potential of a room with their personal touch.

  • Declutter and clean all surfaces- benches, shelves, tables, floors etc.
  • Neatly arrange flowers for a welcoming touch.
  • Neatly make beds and arrange cushions.
  • Ensure all lights including lamps are in working order.
  • Display matching towels and accessories.
  • Remove remotes, newspapers, fitness equipment etc.
  • Soft music, candles and heater/air conditioning can create an inviting environment for potential purchasers.


The less work a buyer feels they will have to do on a property after purchase the easier it will be for them to fall in love with it. A clean, well maintained home and garden is far more attractive to buyers.

  • Mow lawns, weed, mulch and prune.
  • Remove leaves from paths and walkways.
  • Remove cobwebs from the exterior of the house and entertaining areas.
  • Park cars, trailers and caravans out of sight.
  • Clean the pool and put away any toys or equipment.
  • Clean BBQ and entertaining areas.

Preparing your property for sale ahead of time can assist with its final presentation. Allow yourself enough time to get those jobs and chores completed before hitting the market.

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Presenting your home for sale