Kids of Gold


Founded by Gary Parson in 2003, ‘Kids Of Gold Inc.’ provides an opportunity for children from 9-12 years of age (or attending Grades 4-6) in Primary Schools, located predominantly in the Outer Eastern Melbourne area to participate in subsidised camps for the purpose of building their self-esteem and confidence.
There are four different camp levels that participants can progress through. Level one focusses on new challenges and tasks, level two on handling positive and negative emotions and level three focusses on leadership and forgiveness. Once a participant has completed previous levels they can attend level four in which they work along side a ‘Buddy Leader’ to assist with a group of level 2 or 3 campers and run sessions on their own.
Through attendance and involvement of the camps, participants have shown improvements in a number of areas including;
• Overcoming fear- fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of not achieving expectations.
• Learning how to overcome bullying.
• Learning how to make and keep friends.
• Dealing with conflict resolution in a positive way.
• Overcoming shyness.
• Improving social and relationship skills.
• Overcoming homesickness.
• Being able to set goals- both short term and long term.

Interested in helping out? The camps are subsidised to ensure all have an equal chance of attending, Kids of Gold are appreciative of any donation that is made to them. They also conduct fundraising activities such as their walk from Sydney to Melbourne to help subsidise the cost of running each camp. You can find out more about the wonderful work Kids of Gold do or apply for the next camp via

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Kids of Gold