Should social media be included in your advertising schedule?

Our experience and knowledge of current market trends enables us to provide an effective strategy to deliver your property to all buyers.

Social media is of growing importance in a property advertising campaign. Advertising on social media can be a complicated task if not executed correctly, so to ensure your advertising investment is utilised efficiently, we have sourced a leading specialist with systems and knowledge to reach potential purchasers more effectively.

Utilising the expertise of our specialist supplier, we can target your property online to a specific audience. Captr specialises in social media lead generation, putting your property in front of more potential purchasers.

What are the benefits of targeted social media advertising?

* Reach more potential buyers for a maximum result.
* Can be used to test the market before launching a full advertising campaign.
* Target the most relevant people who may be interested in your property- taking out the guess work.
* Reporting tools- we can track how many views and click throughs that have been generated by the ad.
* Can be a cost-effective advertising channel for the amount of reach achieved.

Throughout the month of July, Max Brown Real Estate Group are offering a complimentary Social Media advertising package (Facebook and Instagram) valued at $299 with every listing. Call today and let us make your property social!

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Should social media be included in your advertising schedule?