Should I advertise my property in the local paper?

Hello, my name’s Jo Parker from the Max Brown Real Estate group. Welcome to this week’s edge report.
With the local paper, I get asked this question nearly every time I pop in and see people about selling their home. Should we advertise in the local paper? Yes you should. But why is that? The question’s quite simple. There’s two categories of buyers. We have the intellectual buyer who is very much onto the social media or the internet portals that are available to them for their resources for house hunting. Then we have our passive buyer, and that passive buyer includes people who love to look at the local paper. And they do it on a regular weekly basis. They will pull out that real estate section of the local paper and they will sit it on their coffee table and they will passively turn the page and find something that they quite like. That’s when they start to interact from the local paper into the internet.
So when you advertise your home for sale I’m very very big on marketing, and a lot of my clients will back me on this. It is so important that we can step back and say we have covered everything possible to advertise your home. It has been proven that a combination of internet and local paper produces a better result. And that’s when you can stand back at the end of your campaign and say, “You know what, I’m glad I did that because I know that I have covered all my bases.”
So for a smaller investment into your profit, I certainly recommend going into the local paper with your advertising. Why wouldn’t you?

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Should I advertise my property in the local paper?