Don’t forget to print those precious memories!

Gone are the days of having a cupboard full of photo albums, we now often store our precious memories in the ‘cloud’ and seldom print our favourite snaps to display in our homes.

Personal touches are what makes a house a home and incorporating your prints can be the perfect finishing touch to a room. We aren’t just talking about boring photo frames, there are a number of different ways you can make your memories come to life;

Canvas Prints

Searching for that perfect piece of artwork? You may have captured it on your phone! Your photo can be made the centre piece of a room when printed on canvas. This can be an economical way to fill your walls with ‘art’ and add a personal touch.

Photo books

Perfect for the coffee table, you may choose to make a photo book seasonally, yearly or when a special event has occurred. A photo book is the perfect way to group together a collection of photos with many design options, easy storage and they make a great feature piece- your memories can be on display all year round.

Digital photo frame

Get tired of the same photo in a frame? A digital photo frame can scroll through your photos saved to a USB/memory card. This is a great way to display your photos without the need to print.

Craft Pegs and Twine

Whether it’s a display ‘ladder’, reclaimed piece of timber or wall hooks- twine can be placed on just about anything, simply add craft pegs and printed photos and you have a stylish photo display.

Whilst we often remember to ‘post’ our photos instead of print, they do hold a special importance in home decorating and shouldn’t be forgotten about.

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Don’t forget to print those precious memories!