Should I get my conveyancer to look at the contract first?

Once you have found ‘the one’, the legal process of purchasing a property begins. By law, you don’t require a legal representative to navigate you through the steps. However, the paperwork and process is extremely complex and we highly recommend that both sellers and purchasers engage a conveyancer who can assist in the transfer of property.

Licensed conveyancers specialise in property law and are required to have specific qualifications. This ensures that they are aware of the legal responsibilities and obligations associated with the transfer of property. 

Sarah from SF Conveyancing aims to make the legal side of buying and selling real estate as simple as possible- “Our goal is to give you peace of mind together with advice and information to assist you along the way.”

 We recently caught up with Sarah and asked “Should I get my conveyancer to look at the Contract of Sale first?”

 “I always recommend my clients email me their Contract and Section 32 for checking before they make their offer. This way I can check over it and ensure there is nothing that would cause detriment to the client or prevent them from their desired future use of the property.

Checking over these documents can also pick up on errors and omissions that need to be rectified before an offer is made or allow for Special Conditions to be written into the Contract.”

 This can be very important advice when purchasing at Auction due to the purchaser having no cooling-off period.

 If you require any conveyancing assistance please contact Sarah on 0402 606 298.

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Should I get my conveyancer to look at the contract first?