How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Your home is where you are supposed to feel the safest and the most secure, so it comes as no surprise that we all tend to unload a great deal of our emotional baggage within its walls. Below are 5 simple ways to carry out some energy cleansing in your home;

Simply open the blinds and windows and use your hands or even a broom and “shoo” or “swish” the energy right out of there! Then visualize all of that negativity leaving your house and light flooding in!  

‘Black Tourmaline’ is a crystal that is believed to absorb negative energy. It is recommended to place some around your home, especially near electrical appliances as these tend to create chaotic energy. 

Indoor plants are a simple way to keep the energy in your home clear.  Lavender, green leafy foliage and eucalyptus are good for cleansing the environment.

Some even believe that burning ‘sage’ can clear the home from negative energy. Using room sprays, oils or burning incense can increase your positivity too. Try choosing a scent that you really like and sit back and enjoy your new positive environment!

Moving your furniture around can also have a huge positive effect on how you are feeling emotionally. Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing and bringing harmony to a space by placing items and furniture in specific places. Just by moving things slightly can make you feel and see the space differently- It’s worth a try! 

Whatever life may bring you, your home should be your sanctuary. Try some of these tips and see how you go- hopefully you will be feeling more ‘zen’ in no time!

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How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home