Prepare Your Property For Spring!

Now is the perfect time to take care of any little jobs that need doing around the house …. you know those things you have been meaning to get around to but have been finding excuses not to do! There is often a process of preparation when deciding to sell you property and a few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a great first impression.

Firstly, put your buyer’s hat on and take a walk through your home like it is your very first time. Try to make some mental notes on what stands out and if these things are positive or negative.

We have put together a checklist of things to consider when you are about to put your property on the market to assist you in achieving a great result.

  1. Pay attention to smells: we often become accustomed to the smells within our home, but they are noticeable to those entering for the first time. A scented candle or essential oil burner can do the trick when buyers come to view your property.
  2. Declutter: Banish that pile of shoes from the front door, hide that stack of mail on the kitchen bench and remove the kid’s toys from the lounge room as well as anything else that will detract from your home’s features.
  3. Let there be light: Open window coverings and let in the natural light. Add a floor or table lamp to areas that looking a bit dim. A bright, cheery room always looks bigger and more inviting.
  4. Tackle that ‘To-Do’ list: For all those little things you’ve been meaning to get around to but have found excuses not to do, well the time has come! Set aside a weekend to tighten those loose door handles, fix that leak in the bathroom tap and paint over the scuff marks from when you first moved your couch in!
  5. Give each room a purpose: That spare room you’ve been using as a makeshift office / guest room/ junk room won’t help sell your home unless you show buyers how they can potentially use that space themselves. So, pick a use and style the space to showcase that purpose.
  6. Boost curb appeal: Don’t spend all your time inside. First impressions do count! So, make sure your home’s exterior looks the best that it possibly can. Trim your shrubs, clean out your gutters, weed your flower beds and fix any peeling paint. Just adding some potted plants or some spring bulbs in a nice pot by the front door can make a huge difference.

Here at the Max Brown Real Estate Group our agents are always happy to offer their professional opinions on what can be done to achieve the best result for your property. Currently, when you list your home for sale with us you will receive a FREE $350 voucher for either Home Styling or Home Maintenance. Contact us today to find out more!

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Prepare Your Property For Spring!