DIY...When Too Much is Too Much…

I don’t mind a bit of DIY every now and again. It can save you some money. Why get a professional in when you could just have a go at it yourself! If you’re over trying to incorporate the pet stains into your décor, trying to colour match throw rugs so the pee stains don’t stand out quite so much, rip up that old carpet and go hire a floor sander.

When I did this I was quite surprised that I didn’t require a license to operate it. Apparently anyone can go get one, take it home and use it. Although in hindsight… probably not recommended you use it unsupervised……they can really take off and if you’re not holding on…in a split second you can be bouncing off the walls!

Getting an even sand requires some skill, a skill sadly I was lacking. Look I had a good go at it, but now I’m back to shopping for throw rugs again……If you are skillful then by all means complete it yourself, but sometimes a professional can achieve the results you are really looking for…that’s why they are the professionals! Removing tired old floorcoverings and polishing the boards underneath is a relatively cost effective way to enhance the appeal of your home.


If you’re not sure what things you should touch and things you should leave, arrange for one of our Max Brown agents to come and take a look for you. They can offer an informed opinion on some of the areas you should look at that will improve the presentation and value of your property. When it comes time to prepare your home for sale, presentation is the key to success.  If potential purchasers can see something shiny and polished as opposed to tired old carpet, then that will remove any objections and cement your asking price. Ohhh and anything structural should perhaps not be attempted by the novice…measuring once, cutting immediately is not recommended!

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DIY...When Too Much is Too Much…