You've Found the Right House...Now What?

OK, so the inspection went well, you have looked over every inch of the place.
What Now? Well NOW is the time to try and buy it! By now you will have been to the bank or had a meeting with a mortgage broker and looked into taking out a conditional preapproval so you know how much you can comfortably service. You need to know your limit as this will help in the negotiation process.

Before you can make an offer to buy the property and sign a contract you need to be provided with a Vendor’s Statement or Section 32. This is a document prepared by the Vendor’s conveyancer which contains information about the property you are looking to buy.
So…you are in the agent’s office. Here at Max Brown Real Estate Group, our agents will go through the contract with you step by step to make sure you understand everything. The contract contains your details, name and address and of course the price you wish to pay! In addition, you will need to agree on a deposit date, settlement date and if there are any special conditions you would like added. Negotiation isn’t difficult! You’ve done your homework right, looked at lots of different properties and you have decided to go with this one. This is the one, so just buy it!
Now you have looked over the contract, you are happy with the offer you have made, now comes the time to sign it!

So how long before you get an answer? The whole process of buying your first home can be nerve racking! Here at Max Brown Real Estate Group we endeavour to present all offers as soon as we can but this can be influenced by the Vendor’s availability and if there are multiple offers on the same property. Please be assured we will be in constant contact with you, keeping you up to date through the entire process. We will never leave you wondering!

The next call you get, hopefully is from our agent giving you the good news! Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a new home! Max Brown Real Estate Group will contact both parties’ conveyancers and send all documents to them. Your purchase is said to be ‘unconditional’ once all conditions, if any, attached to the contract such as finance and building and pest clauses have been fully satisfied. When all of the conditions have been met the property is officially SOLD! Then you can start packing and looking forward to moving into your new home.

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You've Found the Right House...Now What?