Preparing for An Open Home

Right! Your home is open for inspection this weekend! Now is your chance to show it off at its best to your prospective buyers. You don’t want to let anything get in the way of the buyers seeing it in its most positive light. Here at Max Brown Real Estate Group our agents can suggest ways to improve your homes presentation and give you advice on ways to best highlight the positive aspects that will attract the best buyers!

Clean, clean, then clean some more….

Cleaning your home, really cleaning it, is essential. A prospective buyer can be put off immediately if a property looks unloved. Be methodical and go from room to room and clean every single surface so it shines! Clean the windows so they let in the maximum amount of light. You’ll be amazed at how much more light clean glass lets in. De-cobweb the ceilings and light fittings, and dust every surface as high as you can reach.

People do look behind doors you know… so at least have anything in there stacked neatly so nothing is likely to spring out if cupboards are opened!

Don’t forget the toilets, showers and baths, mirrors and even the kitchen sink! The front porch and path if you have one, is one of the most important areas as this provides the crucial 1st impression….ohhh and empty the rubbish bins!

Obvious problems? Repair them!

Even if you have decided against a major renovation of your home, you can still make sure that it’s free of any obvious problems. Some buyers might not look past imperfections such as stains or cracked windows, and may wonder if these signs of neglect are indicative of more serious issues.

You’re not trying to pretend there are no problems, but a little elbow grease and a makeover will just help to cement your asking price and remove any buyer objections. Spend a couple of weekends carrying out some basic repair jobs before you open your home up for inspection. It will be worth it.

Get out your Green Thumb….     mowing dog

You don’t need to undertake a large full scale landscaping job on your garden before you put the property on the market, but some weeding and keeping the lawn neatly mown is a great start!

Some pot plants or colourful flowers near the entrance and in the backyard, especially around an outdoor entertaining area will make the space far more appealing.

And PLEASE…Don’t forget to poopa scoop if you have a pet…

Furniture Arrangement….

By now, you will have already removed any unnecessary clutter from the rooms in your home, but it doesn’t hurt to arrange the rooms so they look stylish.

Anything you have on display should be arranged neatly and if you insist on showing off your Royal Doulton with the hand painted periwinkles…make sure you dust it! Hopefully you will get a good turn out for you open homes so it’s crucial to create an easy space for extra people to walk around in. Your Max Brown Real Estate Group agent can help suggest the best ways to place your furniture in order to maximise the space.

Can you smell that?

Bad odours are a HUGE turn off for buyers. You don’t want people walking around your home with a wrinkled nose trying to figure out what that strange smell is! Ideally your home should have little or no smell at all — but if you have pets, or other issues you may need to resort to masking the bad odour.

Well before your scheduled inspection time, open up your doors and windows to get as much fresh air in as you can. BEWARE..Don’t overdo it! The idea is to neutralise unpleasant smells not overpower your buyers with a heady fragrance. Brewing a pot of coffee or a freshly baked cake on the bench is always an easy way to make your home more inviting…I know it sounds cliché…but it works!

Let there be Light!

On your Open for Inspection day, turn on all of the lights in the home, even if it’s sunny outside. Different lamps can be used to create attractive pools of light or to illuminate and highlight special features. Light also makes spaces look bigger.

Heat things up…or cool down

A nice toasty warm environment gives the impression of comfort and a well loved home. Even if it’s not cold outside, just taking the edge off before your Open House will make a difference. Light the open fire if you have one. Who doesn’t love an open fire? It can help to create a sense of cosiness in a lounge-room or family area.

On hot days, run the air-conditioning. But only to a level that is refreshing rather than chilly you don’t want your buyers to get the impression that the home is cold and uninviting! You may also need to open windows if your home gets too stuffy.

Flowers…you shouldn’t have….

Of course you should! Fresh flowers can really lift a room. Use whatever is in season and colours to complement the colour scheme of your room. One vase at the entrance if you can, and at least another in the living area should do the trick! You don’t want your home to look too staged, but the addition of an arty book or magazine lying on the coffee table will look great, and a neatly made bed, fresh towels in the bathroom and fresh tea towels in the kitchen will add that special extra touch.

Make yourself scarce….

It’s important on inspection days, you, your family and the family dog do a disappearing act! Give yourself enough time prior to the inspection to clear out, packing the kids and the dog in the car can be a nightmare so try to avoid leaving it to the last minute.

Your Max Brown agent will provide you with detailed feedback after each open home. This is important in order to gauge how the marketplace views your property and if any changes need to be made in order to achieve a better result. You might love it; your agent might love it…but at the end of the day it’s the buyers out in the marketplace who are ultimately going to purchase your home!

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Preparing for An Open Home