Less is More!......have you heard that before?

Ahhhhh…Spring! Time to ‘Spring Clean’ as they say. Preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to be a chore. Simple things can make a huge difference. Presentation is the key to a successful outcome. Perception is reality to a high percentage of people, so if you can create a pleasant environment within your home potential purchasers will flock to it! I only have one word for you…DEclutter! That’s it; by removing excess items from your home you can create the illusion of space. If you can, replace large pieces of furniture with some less obtrusive items and put your knick knacks away! Our Max Brown agents are experienced and can assist with this. They can suggest ways to increase enquiry and inspections through the correct presentation.

If you are marketing your property as a family home, then by all means make your living areas comfortable and homely. If you have an outdoor area or play equipment in your yard, make these look enticing. The children of prospective purchasers will fall in love with these play areas and won’t stop talking to mum and dad about the cubby house and swing set! It’s important to remember that although your home is on the market, you still have to live there!

So don’t make changes that will be too uncomfortable for yourself or your family. Although it might be a good way of getting the kids to keep their rooms clean at least!

Alternatively, if your agent suggests your market will predominantly be young professional couples then a more modern look is recommended. A quick trip for some flat packs and allen keys could help to create a sleek environment suited to a different type of buyer. Pleasing spaces can easily be created with clever uses of lighting.

A lamp or two and a couple of vintage poster prints, which appear to be popular at the moment thanks to shows like The Block… and there you have it! Simple! Max Brown Real Estate Group agents know the market and they know the best way to market your home after all…they do it everyday! Call us and we can come and take a look at your property…make some suggestions that perhaps you hadn’t thought of….and help you keep as much money in your pocket as you can so you have more to spend on your New Home!

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Less is More!......have you heard that before?