Selling your home in winter

Many people will advise that selling your home in winter is a challenge and in some regards it can be more challenging to close deals during this cold seasonal period. Assumptions suggest that buyers may prefer to stay home and remain warm and cosy in the winter, rather than braving house inspections in the cold. Winter can also have the ability to make homes look dull and drab in the winter light.

This perspective may have some merit to it, but it ignores some of the unique benefits that come with selling during this time. Most sellers will wait until the spring before selling, leading to fewer houses on the market in winter and driving up demand amongst buyers. Especially this year considering the already low levels of property available for sale.

There is also opportunity to display how warm and cosy your home is during rainy and overcast days. Just picture the physical sensation of walking into a welcoming, cosy and well heated home after trudging around in the wet and cold!

Below we’ve compiled a few quick tips that will assist you in creating the ‘winter haven’ your potential buyers will instantly fall in love with:

Brighten the outdoors

There’s no need to further add to the dull and drab by leaving dead plants and unkempt gardens. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn, and pruning bushes of dead leaves and flowers will all freshen up your property. You should even consider bringing a few potted winter flowers in to breathe life into the garden!

Winter staging

Making your home look as nice as possible is an expectation during any open for inspection, but creating an atmosphere within the home will make your home standout. Make sure the home is warm (but not a sauna), and if you have a fireplace, utilize it. Thick blankets should be used on the couches and in the bedroom to create a cosy feeling that buyers want to snuggle in to.

Windows and Lighting

Ensure the windows are clean, especially after winter rains that may bring muddy streaks. Draw curtains and do not obstruct windows to allow the maximum amount of natural light to flow into the house. To banish dark corners of the home, turn on all lamps and artificial lighting you have in the house. Mirrors are also a great way to lighten and enlarge a room as they will reflect light or if placed opposite a window, will give the room a larger feel.


Finally, if you wish to assist the imaginations of your potential buyers, place photos of the home and the family during the warmer months. Your buyers will begin to imagine themselves in these photos.

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Selling your home in winter